Our 4 indicators of Sustainable and Social Development

Empowerment of People with Disabilities

Empowerment carries a positive connotation in itself. In a global economy, synthesising agendas towards the upliftment of people living with disabilities becomes a crucial parameter for an all-around approval. People who live with disabilities often come from subdued and marginalised sections of society and require global consideration. Their empowerment thus becomes the sole responsibility of players involved in this collective global economy. Uddip accentuates the cause of empowerment for the underprivileged in our society. In successful endeavours to improve livelihood, representation, equality, education, and infrastructure development for people with disabilities, Uddip and its partners have touched thousands of lives.

Inclusion and Educational Strategies

Uddip and its talented team of professionals also prioritise uplifting the life of enfeebled individuals by devising inclusion and educational strategies with premier institutes and organisations of the country. With its successful frameworks on inclusion strategies, the foundation seeks to build an inclusive environment for the people living with disabilities in public and professional spaces. Building inclusive and productive employment opportunities, approachable infrastructure with special attention to the needs of the vulnerable section, creating awareness around disabilities, reconditioning educational curriculums according to special needs, among other objectives, forms the core of its inclusion and educational strategies.

Women Empowerment and Leadership Strategies

Gender disparity is one of the critical issues in both developed and underdeveloped economies. Women are vulnerable to inequalities due to lack of awareness and action towards their empowerment. Within the objectives of women empowerment, the foundation strives to build employment opportunities, educational guidance, financial and cultural literacy, career counselling, and health awareness for women from rural and urban sectors. By supporting the creation of self-help groups, the organisation encourages women's leadership and empowers the participants through self-reliance and independence.

Sustainable Rural Development

The rural sector is one of the most neglected parts of our country in connection with development. Accessibility, infrastructure, capacity building, and literacy are far behind the urban settings. The rural settlement needs to be safe and secure for all walks of life. As one of its target areas, Uddip has joined hands with several professionals from public and private sectors who guide development in the rural sector along the lines of sustainable farming, rural education, livelihood, digital awareness, legal awareness, health awareness and many other socially strengthening factors of the society.