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Uddip Social Welfare Society (USWS)

With every ray comes the hope of enlightenment. The name Uddip finds its inspiration in the very same act of nature- Light; that has enabled civilisations in search of truth, development, and enablement. Uddip Social Welfare Society (USWS) is a civil society organisation that strives to uplift the impoverished section of society through constant endeavour towards improvements in livelihood, education, enablement, and accessibility. Targeting economically sensitive areas and people with disabilities receives special attention.

USWS finds its nascent roots in the city of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, under the guiding light of Poonam Shroti. Poonam has learned to live with a congenital disorder (Osteogenesis Imperfecta) and understands the challenges faced by people with special needs. The challenges faced by people living with a disability deserves special attention from the social and government players who can actively support the empowerment process.

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 includes people living with disabilities in its global development framework. Countless organisations had enthusiastically worked for the betterment of the same before the goals were highlighted in favour of people with disabilities. As of now, a global standard is the need of the hour to bring developing nations on equal footings with the developed nations. USWS thus strives to bring sustainable solutions to the developing nations of South Asia. The society aligns its activities with 10 of the 17 sustainable goals.

By acting as a catalyst for underprivileged children, women, and people living with disabilities, USWS aspires to nurture a society that stands firm on equality, unity, and justice. Life skills and vocational training by experts from the field ensure livelihood and instil a sense of confidence. A group of professionals from the field of medicine, rehabilitation, career counselling preside over the framework's implementation across the projects. Ensuring a demographic approach, the development tasks are based on inclusivity, enablement, learning, development, and awareness for urban and rural sectors.
The member organisations, shoulder to shoulder with USWS, ensure transparency in project's operations and governance. The projects are envisioned with the support and bonding of public and private partnerships to ensure credibility and astute guidance.

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Our Team

With a growing panel of experts in their respective fields, Uddip has achieved uncompromising stability in its operations. Meet few of our sempiternal patrons…

Poonam Shroti

Founder (MBA Finance and Personnel Management)

Mohammad Suboor

Programme Director (MBA Marketing)

Vikas Shrivastav

Director of Operations ( BE, MBA, UAB)

Dr Sarvesh Mohania

Director Strategy Planning and Advisor (PHD UGC NET, MBA Finance)

Suyash Verma

Communication and Content Strategy (Hons AIC, St. Xavier's College Mumbai)

Rahul Chauksey

Public Relations and Engagement (Masters in Journalism, MPhil -Media Studies)