Even smallest of the efforts can leave a lasting impression on someone’s life. Here are some instances where Uddip has left a visible impact.

Uddip has been working for the empowerment of people living with disabilities for the past 8 years. During its operations, Uddip has made multiple attempts to steer its objectives and activities to bring a positive change in the lives of unprivileged people. Empowering such individuals with tools and facilities that may help them learn things better and faster becomes vital in a technologically charged environment.

In the month of February, the Uddip Social Welfare Society provided visually impaired children with unique smartphones. These smartphones are equipped with specially designed software that helps the children interact with the device without any difficulty. Visually impaired children are now learning English with much ease. The device is beneficial in the times of Covid-19 when many children are facing difficulties with attending schools. Many audio clips are helping visually impaired children learn something new from the software.

Uddip and its benevolent partners have come forward under challenging times, helping children and people living with disabilities to make ends meet. Withal, a commitment to serve by the society and its willing volunteers would continue in future.

People living with intellectual impairment have to be content with a number of difficulties every passing day, and their dependency on others is largely based upon their level of impairment. Regardless of the challenges they face every day, they all wish to succeed in life by means of education. Some of them simply enjoy the niceties and wonder of the world that literacy reveals to them.

Unfortunately, a good education has a cost attached to it, more for the people living with disabilities. Many intellectually impaired students do not have the kind of financial independence and stability one needs to pursue learning. In such events, donations and scholarships from people can help students to chase their dreams. Uddip social welfare society has been working with a number of humanitarian organisations and individuals who come forward to help people in need.

On the 9th of June, Uddip secured a scholarship of ten thousand rupees for Mohit Chauhan, who is now preparing fr his class 10th examinations. This financial support has helped him secure books, notebooks, and stationery that he would need for his academic year. Uddip and its patrons strive to help people who wish to overcome financial barriers by extending them all possible assistance in education.