Sakshamtha Gaon Gaon Tak

Providing mobility aids to people living with disabilities in rural areas

Disability and its influence aren’t restricted to the urban sphere of living. Accessibility is denied to people living in rural areas as much as to those in the cities. In comparison to the urban settings, village people living with disabilities are devoid of suitable infrastructure, healthcare, assistive technologies, and access to mobility stores. We’d thus see that villages are late adopters of technologies and modern trends. This also points out the shadow drawn upon rural communities due to the lack of awareness. In such a background, the employment and rehabilitation of people living with disabilities become an arduous challenge.

On the 5 th of December 2021, Uddip Social Welfare Society, with support from its patrons and stakeholders, started a campaign Sakshamta Gaon Gaon Tak and provided the people living with disability in village Aston, district Tikamgadh, Madhya Pradesh, with wheelchairs and walking aids.

The donated accessories would enable the recipients in living an active life by involving in day-to-day activities with greater mobility. Many of them professed their excitement to start new jobs that were earlier impossible to perform. The activities were carried out with the help of volunteers who selflessly assisted in organising the donation campaign. Uddip expresses gratitude to everyone involved in making the campaign possible.

Uddip Sakshamta Abhiyan Certificate