Samaanta 2017

With the same invigorating will and enthusiasm, Uddip Social Welfare Society organised another Samaanta in 2017. More than 4000 participants from across the city gathered at the flag-off point, Tatya Tope Stadium.

Samaanta is an exclusive event organised by Uddip Social Welfare Society and several prestigious public-private organisations to build an inclusive society; where people living with a disability can live shoulder to shoulders with others. Samaanta focuses on exercises and activities that motivate the collective participation of people from all walks of life, irrespective of the constraints due to old age or disabilities. The event saw youngsters, parents, senior citizens, people living with disabilities participate in activities with great passion and zeal.

Member of Parliament from Bhopal Constituency- Mr Alok Sanjar and Mr Deepak Joshi- Higher Education Minister of Madhya Pradesh, graced the gathering with their presence as the guests of honour. Before the marathon was flagged off, both the special guests addressed the crowd with a welcoming speech. Mr Alok and Deepak together stressed the importance of such events to create an all-inclusive society for our nation. It isn't easy to understand the challenges faced by people living with disabilities, let alone the pain and suffering. Thus, it becomes a moral responsibility of the citizens to hold their priorities in the highest regard.
Madhya Pradesh Government works tirelessly to highlight such issues through Social Justice and Disabled Welfare Department. The government enables many lives to earn a respectful livelihood and standings in society with technologically advanced solutions.

The marathon (run for equality) started from the stadium and ended where it began, after circling link road one. Volunteers assisted elderlies and differently-abled participants throughout the marathon. A sense of enjoyment and togetherness followed every partaker. This run is not just for completing a distance but also for decreasing the distance of opinion that overshadows the free interaction of disabled people with society. It ensures a sense of belonging to the people who are neglected due to their physical and mental conditions.

Apart from the marathon, small races on the running track of Tatya Tope stadium were also organised. A session of stretching preceded the activities for all the participants. Many of the participants received certificates and acclamation from the guest of honour. Multiple media houses like Dainik Bhaskar, Navbharat Times, and DB Post covered the event in their daily publishing.
Samaanta is one of those events which can only be made possible by the collective efforts of patrons who come forward to acknowledge the need of people living with disabilities. Life Insurance Corporation of India, ACC Cement, Union Bank of India, Top and Town IceCreams, Aapoorti, Gems Public School, and many others came forward with generous donations, encouragement, and support to make the event a success. Similar events find a place in the busy itinerary of Uddip Social Welfare Society throughout the year, in both urban and rural sectors of Madhya Pradesh. People with special needs form the focal point of such events, and thus, activities are designed around their presence.